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Freelight Financial is a unique asset management and investment


company, specializing in resolving Non-Performing Mortgage Notes


distressed and Real Estate.


Freelight is hired by private lenders to help resolve and workout non-


performing loans.


Our creative approach and strategic relationship help us create positive 


outcomes in troubled situation.



Modify Your Loan Online Now


No Phone Calls, Easy, Secure and Fast.



upper_left privateA new lender who has acquired your loan, who is now the legal holder of the Note and the Mortgage/Deed of Trust.  upper right
FreelightThe workout company is responsible for helping homeowner reach resolution with their outstanding loan and/or lien. They work directly with the lender to help modify the terms of you loan and/or lien. center2 Freelight-07The Loan Servicing Company is responsible to collecting payments and sending out monthly and annual statements.
 lower_lefr bottom_favCommunicates together to make sure all changes to your loan are handled correctly. lower_right